What's this blog all about?

I have not had the hardest life, but I have had a messy one.  If you stay and read awhile then you will see this to be true.  I named this small area of my world Shandbrosia because I firmly believe that I am a work in progress.  Everyday there are new things to learn and grow from. Some are light hearted lessons while others are hard, heavy lessons.  As I allow you into my insecurities and imperfections allow me grace.  I write to the world, there is no way I can share my journey without stepping on toes, so allow me grace and walk with me as long as you like.

Five years ago I married the man that surpassed my dreams.  Still five years and two little boys into this family we've created I'm amazed at how much he loves me.  Everyday I wonder why a man like him would choose to love a messy women like me. 

One more thing you should know about me, I give all that I am to the God of the heavens and earth, to the One who knows and loves me better then any other being could.  I don't think you'll ever read an entry that doesn't include Him in some way.  He's my closest friend.

 Only fear the LORD and serve Him in truth with all your heart; for consider what great things He has done for you.
~ 1 Samuel 12:24