Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dearest Lover,

Sometimes I feel like our lives barely pass, but still you find ways love me.  Sometimes when we only have time to say hello as our paths cross I'm not sure I tell you that I do see the small ways you love me, so let me tell you now.

434.  Our morning routine of laying in bed all blurry eyed having the same conversation, me in my husky man voice asking if you would make me coffee, and you in your scratchy bear voice telling me you would.
435.  Our conversations on the way home from my nightly bank drop.
436.  That you both want to and are daring enough to take to boys hiking with you.
437.  And the water falls you don't go to with them just because I'm nervous.
438.  I love your coffee appointments with men that build into your spiritual life.
439.  Your hugs that swallow me up, protecting me from the weight of the world.
440.  The house work, & cooking you do for our family.
441.  Your ability to teach our boys, both in life and academically.
442.  Communicating with me even when its hard.
443.  Your love of God and dreams of more.
444.  How you always stop what you're doing to bring me a clean towel when I'm soaking wet before I realize I forgot to get one myself.
445.  Grocery shopping for all of life needs, every single week.
446.  How you always answer the phone when I call on my breaks.
447.  I love you for buying me Lego's.
448.  You always make time for Mommy and boy dates.
449.  Stopping into work unexpectedly and always understanding when I only have time to say hello.
450.  All the I love you's you've given me over the last 8 1/2 years.
451.  Each day since our wedding night telling me why I am your best friend.

I know this weekend was Father's day and that this post is a list of love you show to me, but we both know that a strong happy family starts with the love in the marriage.


PS.  Thanks for caring for my chickens.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer begins

Our last day of science class.  We finished up our pond unit with lots of painting, lots of eating, and successful salamander hunt in the pouring rain.

With the beginning of summer I can't help but slow and see.  My coffee takes a little bit longer, my goodbyes before work are harder, and the joy in my heart is full.

Just starting our second week of summer break we have already been down to my home town, been to the beach, and the boys have had a sleep over at Nana's.  Little boy legs are covered in dirt, scrapes, and bruises, a sure sign summer has arrived, and every once in a while I stop to enjoy the peeping of my almost grown chicks.  Yes, my heart is full.

406.  Birds singing.
407.  Freshly cut grass and the sound of lawn mower engines.
408.  Nails pounding & chicken runs created.
409.  Wind blowing & waves lapping sandy shores.

410.  Sun shining on bare toes.
411.  Dirt covered boys.
412.  Bugs to entertain and be loved.
413.  Crickets lulling the forest to sleep.

414.  The smell of smoke on our clothes.
415.  Charred hot dogs.
420.  Large decks with chairs full & laughter echoing.
421.  Big back yards.

422.  Boys still small enough to swing with me.
423.  Swing set climbed, trees climbed, everything climbed.
424.  No broken bones as of yet.
425.  Curtains blowing in the breeze.

426.  Crisp grapes on hot days.
427.  Watermelon.
428.  A camera to capture the beauty of the moment.
429.  A God who creates for sheer pleasure.

430.  Nature working together to live.
431.  A crew I trust.
432.  A husband who loves me.
433.  Being in the here and now, slowing to see.

Here's to the kick off of a joy filled summer.