Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dandelion yellow

When an attempted hijacking occurred on my mind a few years back by the awakening of Bipolar I learned just how valuable joy truly is. I think the most important things in life should be known by all our senses.

As the battle continued on in my mind I was unsure of what emotions were real and what ones were not causing me to search in the only place I could find honest joy; God's written Word. That began the journey of turning dandelion yellow into a reminder of joy.  As I read I marked joy wanting to see how God used it in turn bringing me to a place where I too could know it as He intended.

As I highlighted I began noticing dandelion yellow all around me, making it my symbol of joy.  Just as, in the Old Testament rocks would be stood up as a symbol of what God had done on that ground.

The more I see these weeds the more I've come to cherish them not just there color.  I have come to realize the determination of this flower.  It virtually grows anywhere, through a crack in the pavement, in the rockiest of places, in forgotten fields, and in well loved gardens dandelions are always found.  Not only do they possess a determination to grow, but they insist passing on life.

The color, now my souvenir of God's joy, but the flower too has become my reminder to grow in the most difficult of places and to have a determination to spread the joy of Life everlasting.

You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and all your might...You shall bind them as a sign on your hand and they shall be as frontals on your forehead.  You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates
~ Deuteronomy 6:5, 8-9
Gifts, joys to give thanks for...
~ Sunshine after days of wetness.
~ Grass to be mowed.
~ Grass stained hands
~ Blisters.
~ Smells of nature.
~ Dandelions.
~ Lemon water.
~ Nature that points me to God.
~ A husband that values me and my work.
~ Little boys that "fall" into the ditch full of water a gazillion times a day.
~ This house; a haven to slow and see.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A whale of a tale...Only it's not.

Last Christmas when I opened a long, round package revealing my very own fishing pole I knew this was going to be a good year for fishing.  A few weeks later we found a nice pair of fishing boots for a very good price.  The thought of not having to wear my sneakers in the brook excited me.  Then just days later my Dad texted me asking I had any interest in a fishing trip to Ontario lake plus all I could eat steak.  My response: Heck ya!...It's going to be a great fishing season.

The trip was supposed to be four guys, but one backed out so I slide into his spot and then another backed out so my lil Sis got to come too.  The plan was to pull out at 3 am so the two of us crazy Momma's stayed up all night.  Well until about the time we got in the car, and then we took some sleepy pills and dreamed away.  I woke up just a few hours later, but my Sis who is very sensitive to any kind of medication just kept right on sleeping.  She woke up for lunch and then enough to settle into the hotel, get a bite to eat, and then slipped back into her dream world.  I was slightly worried that she would sleep through the entire fishing trip, but when you have a four month old at home it would be a pretty close call; fishing or sleep for the first time in months.  In the end she got both.  That one all nighter kicked our butts and we were in bed early for the rest of the weekend.

Our hotel was a stones throw from the docks and right on the river.  The part of town we were in was quaint and calm just lovely as we went in search of the boat that would carry us the next morning. 
Not quite as big as I had hoped as this girl does NOT enjoy boats one bit.  Not quite sure what I was thinking when I agreed to two eight hour days on this itty-bitty boat. Actually I knew exactly what I was thinking; Steak every night, and I just had to catch a fish bigger then Dad's just like I did when we were in the Rockies.  It was great!
All of us children organized a trip for Dad in the Rockies while we were already out there for my sister's wedding...Wait until you see my fish this time...
The day started of dreary.  Oh wait, no it started off dark, dreary, and windy at 5 am.

At one point the Captain left me in control of the boat...For about three minutes.  That's how long it took me to get from "just keep it pointed at that boat way out there" to a 90 degree turn pointing us straight towards shore, which was kind of a big deal as I could have thrown my sister's boot onto land from where we were.  (And yes if I had to try it I would throw her boot not mine.  Just like I promised to share half of my AMAZING dessert with her one night and then ate it all...I try not to let my head get too big, but let's face it I am one rockin' sister...)

In the first two hours we caught nothing, and so we slept or at least posed for pictures.  I think this is about the time the Captain decided maybe we should head out a mile or two into deeper water to find us some lake trout.

And then it happened She caught a fish the first.  And our eyes bulged as neither of us had ever hooked anything that big.

She may have caught the first one and the last one and the most, but I got the catch of the day! Oh yes I beat my Dad in the big fish contest once again coming in at 15 lbs and 33 inches long.  Actually I beat 'em all. Just sayin'  Isn't it a beaut?

The wind blew in from both the south east and the west causing 6 1/2 foot waves.  Standing was a breeze walking on the other hand was a challenge.  Here I had two options one flip over board or dive into the cabin area landing myself at Dad's feet...

Shortly there after the Captain started to get nervous and brought us back into the bay, where we small brown trout.

Because the wind was so strong we weren't able to go the next day.  Those 6 1/2 foot waves were only being pushed by 15 mile and hour winds.  The next day the winds were in the 40's, so instead we went back out that same afternoon, where we trolled for 6 hours catching us two more fish.
Just as we were packing up to head in the sky cleared and the waves calmed...

Even though we didn't get to do as much fishing as we hoped we had good food, good company with many, MANY laughs, good sleep, and have I mentioned good food?
So Dad whens the next trip?  Salmon, tuna, shark?

Friday, May 24, 2013

When it rains for a kagillion days...

Over the past week I have sent the boys out to play in the rain, we've held and "loved" and released two Salamanders, we've checked on our tadpoles to see if any have begun growing legs countless times, with every break in the rain we have been outside and we have watched more TV in the last week then we had in the month previous and still we are beginning to wear on each others nerves...

I could either allow us all to go insane or do something drastic.

I decided drastic was better, well really it's one of those special rainy day only things.  Just like playing play dough only really comes out when all else is exhausted.  So the boys and I tore my bed apart moved all the couches and made one massive tent in the living room.

If you are a parent of boys I strongly recommend Sheila Walsh's children's books. She turns scripture into little boy adventures which makes all little boys LOVE!
Here is where we have spent most of the day reading books, playing games, and eating trail mix and apples for lunch as they were in the middle of an adventure far, far from home and couldn't make it back to the kitchen in time.

This is a tic-tac-toe that is seriously fun, even for adults.  There are different size pieces the bigger ones can eat the smaller ones stopping your opponent from winning.  A great game for introducing strategy to the littles.

I love being the Momma of boys.

~ Little boy super hero's.
~ Sheila Walsh's books inspired by her own son and her want to make scripture exciting allowing boys to easily relate.
~ Home made tents.
~ Little boy whispering as they "nap" in the tent.
~ Wild imaginations and rainy day adventures.
~ Rain wetting the ground in preparation for my garden.
~ Small critters.
~ Warm days allowing boys to play in the rain.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Momma gets a bow! EFA 3.8

Oh yes!  And is it ever bringing back memories...

Way, way back in the day I packed my bags with three friends and headed off to a week of camp.  I was excited to learn a bit of archery, and it just so happened that this guy from Bangor just a few years older then me was to be my teacher....Now I know what you are thinking this girls heart was smitten at least for the week, alas that's not even close.  In fact it was quite the opposite he ate a hot dog off the ground covered in ants.  Who knows how long that dog had been laying there it wasn't even during a meal time, and I was disgusted.  He was however a good teacher as I placed first in archery at the end of the week.

Not even close to center, but for the first shot in YEARS I'm just glad I hit the target.
I really did enjoy that week of shooting and always thought it would be fun to do again someday, but did my best to forget the guy who ate the ant covered hot dog.  Seriously working to learn a tried and true skill, a way of life for generations is exhilarating.  I loved it and have always some where in the back of my mind wanted to really learn.

Five of my first six hit the target still not even close to the triangle.
About two months after I was married, somehow conversation brought us to childhood memories of camping and it turns out that Strong man and I had connections to the same camp.  He worked there for a year or two and I attended every year up until high school.  Immediately we both went to archery as he loves it and camp was the only place I had ever done it.  We wondered if we had crossed paths there.

One of my arrows hit the fire pit and needs a little TLC.
As we're talking the hot dog memory came flooding back.  I began to make connections--could the man I promised to love forever sealing it with a kiss be the same boy, with the same lips, who had eaten an old nasty bug covered hot dog...

Some how I've managed to survive and move past the memory of ants crawling in his mouth....

Lover teach me, but maybe now as a man you could stay away from ant covered hot dogs?  I've accepted grasshoppers, and maybe even the ants, but the left-for-who-knows-how-long-eaten-by-who-knows-who-hot-dog, now that's just a bit over the edge don't 'cha think?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


This year is a very special year to me.  It marks the passing of a preschooler and the beginnings of pure boyhood.  Really there isn't much I do for you these days.  In this past year you have completely learned to dress yourself, brush your own teeth and get your own drinks.  You catch salamanders and frogs "all by your own" (which you no longer say), and you have begun thinking for yourself wanting to understand the "why's" behind the "what's" in our daily life.

Meet five year old "Ball Man".  A combination of two things you love balls and super hero's.
For months just after you were born each night Daddy and I would take turns as you screamed.  You would sleep in 45 minute intervals for the first seven months of life.  Your belly wrenching in pain, and Daddy and I would do the only thing we could do; hold you and stand before the throne of Heaven on your behalf both of us feeling completely helpless in soothing you.  On my shifts I would come from the room just next door pick my favorite boy up, zipping us into the sleeping bag that waited for us in the rocking chair.  We would rock and you would cry and I would rub your face as I whispered to my Best Friend.  While I knew you were in pain and I prayed countless times each day that God would show us how to help you, I would pray with even more earnest that you would be passionately in love with Jesus. 

Catapults, knights, and a castle made out of his favorite blocks makes for a very happy birthday boy.  Your reaction: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
Easter morning just before your second birthday as you and Daddy were having breakfast he explained to you why Easter was so special.  As he asked if you understood you began talking about your napkin.  We thought the conversation was lost on you, but a few days later you asked if Jesus was in Daddy's heart and then in your heart.  When we said no you became quiet and the conversation ended.  Shortly there after as Daddy and I were having a spiritual conversation about you, your little voice piped in and said, "No Jesus in my heart."  We asked you how you knew that, and in your little two year old words you proceeded to share with us the gospel.

Your very first salamander catch.

Thank you for teaching me to have an innocent love for Jesus, and even though I no longer hold you in the dark of the night my prayer for you still is that you may you know Him more then I ever will in this life.

An interview with you, my five year old:
What's your favorite color? Blue
What is something that is very special to you? God
What is your favorite word or saying? Are you kidding me?!
What is your favorite super hero? Ball man
What is your favorite memory of this past year? Story land.
Anything else you want to say? Nope
One years growth.
Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all.
~ Mark 10:15
Gifts God has given me through you...
~ Your deep awareness of spiritual things.
~ Your strive to be honorable.
~ Your love for good.
~ Your sensitivity.
~ The way you live up to your task of being a big brother, you do it so well.
~ Your love of nature.
~ Your hunger for learning.
~ Your freckles and curly hair.
~ The way you take on responsibility.
~ Your imagination.
~ Your caution that is not cowardliness.
~ The high priority you put on family.
~ The way you use your words to love others.
~ Your willingness to help others.
~ Your willingness to take the time to explain something so others can learn from you.
~ Your personality so much like mine forcing me to reflect and face my flaws so that we can both grow.
I love you, five year old boy.  Happy birthday.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Gifts of May.

I am deeply loved by the King of the heavens and the earth....

~ An unexpected date with Laughter, the best part though was when he whispered in my ear, "Tanks Momma for tanking God for our date. I love you."

~ Beautiful weather for the first fishing trip of the year.

~ An easy hike to a shallow stream where the boys can remember the flow of river water, the buzz of black flies, and fun of reeling in fish.

~ Laughter the son who truly loves to fish.

~ Crystal clear water.

~ Man of the woods who much prefers brook time as a time of searching for critters and bugs rather then actually fishing.

~ The rest that the sound of a brook brings.

~ One more year older, one more year braver.

~ The perfecting ending to a perfect fishing day; ice cream for dinner.

~ Fresh grown asparagus.

~ Dandelion yellow and a little boy who loves them so.

~ New life...

~ ...And best friends...

~...And a husband who offers to leave work early on an already chaotic day so I can see both.

 ~ Long car rides with my Sis.

 ~ Being asked to go on a fishing adventure with my Dad.

~ A Dad who knows the way to this girls heart by offering unlimited steak, and well, food in general.

~ Short get aways with my three men.

~ On the 10th becoming the Momma of a school aged boy.

~ Spiders and flowers.