Friday, February 19, 2016

The things they say...

~ Laughter, "Do you mind if we run off your bed so we can walk on air."

~ It was just Laughter and me sipping our chamomile tea when I asked what we should do together. His response, "We should talk about life. So Mom how was your day? What was your favorite part?"

~ After the Easter egg hunt was over Laughter grabbed some of the eggs and ran off to hide them. He came back and told us we needed to go find them. Then with a squeal of delight he ran off too. In seconds he was back saying, "I already found two eggs!"

~ Laughter with much giggling, "I just let one on your leg."
Me, with a sigh and a roll of the eyes, You just let As in you farted?
Laughter now in hysterics, "Yes!"

~ Man of the woods, "Mom do your man parts ever hurt?"
Me, "I don't have man parts, Buddy."
Him, "Oooh, that explains a lot."

~ As Man of the woods and I were making flowers out of pipe cleaners I said, "I'm not sure this will work." Man of the woods responded with, "Mom, it's family day you're not supposed to be thinking about work."

~ Another conversation about work with the boys:
Me: It has been good to be with you guys all day long. I miss you when I'm at work.
Laughter: Well if you quite your job then you would never miss us again.
Man of the woods: I think you should keep your job, because you make so much money.
Laughter: Yeah, and if you left then it would be your store and it wouldn't stay the same because you weren't there to make sure it worked right. And we probably wouldn't ever eat there. When we did want to go out we would have to start going back to Broadway because it's closer to our house.

~ Every year I put a package of band aids in the boys stockings. This year I found some that had animal prints on them. Laughter came out one afternoon with a tiger band aid on his knee and a giraffe band aid on his elbow. He told me he didn't put them close to each other so the tiger couldn't eat the giraffe, because tigers really do eat giraffes.

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