Wednesday, September 28, 2016

It's just the day he proposed, nothing too big.

The alarm will sound off at six AM and you'll get up first.  While you shower I'll lay in bed willing my eyes open and my mind to wake up.  Shortly there after I'll shuffle into the kitchen following the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.  I'll turn the oven on to make muffins (from a bag) for the boys for breakfast and then you and I will sit at the table sipping our coffee and reading out loud together.  It's our thing.  As we read our minds align setting us up to be united as the day goes on.  Sounds kind of hokey but it's true.  Reading together each morning helps us remember the world is bigger then you and I, and you are I are never alone because we're a team.  By the way that may be my favorite thing about us, that we're a team.

Around 7:15 you'll start getting your stuff together for lunch and I'll start my next, but not last, cup of coffee.  When you get in your car the boys and I will begin school, we have a nice little rhythm.  Man of the woods does his computer work; typing, reading, and math review first.  Laughter does his reading, spelling, and grammar with me.  Then they both do math.  One reviews while I teach the other.  If by chance one boy is running behind the other does chores.  When the basics are complete we'll have a quick bathroom, and snack break before nestling in for some science or history before calling it quits for the day.  We'll do lunch a few chores and then the boys will spend the afternoon playing while I putter and cook.  Then to top the day off your parents have agreed to spend the evening with the boys so you and I can have an evening off, just the two of us.  They even offered to take the kids over night.  We're going to keep it simple bringing them home to there own beds after dinner so we can have a normal day of school the next day.  None of this seems extraordinary and I think that's what makes the day exactly that: extraordinary.

Ten years ago tomorrow you asked me to be your wife and now ten years later we're still living it out and dreaming big.  In these past 3,000 plus days we've seen sickness, death, joy, we've watch our boys grow from there first little kicks in my belly, shared many laughs together, and experienced heartache.  We've watched the new day roll in as our stubborn hearts refused to sleep while we were angry with each other.  You've held me close every night as we fall asleep.  We held our breath together waiting for the results of new life, sickness, new job opportunities.  We have traveled together. We have puked together.  We have lived the mundane day in and day out of life together.  We have done whatever life handed us...together.

Now that I know you as deeply and intimately as I do now the excitement and joy we had as you slipped that pretty little diamond on my finger all those years ago is dull and dusty compared to how I feel about you now.

Thanks for asking.

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