Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My little Laughter,

I tried hard to slow this year so I could savor the last of your toddler years, but with just a blink I'm here writing to you, my new four year old.

This year you have planted seeds with your toes and learned to ride a bike.
This year you have learned to sign I love you, our family's way of kissing each other good bye.
This year you have started preschool our focus being Romanian and Bible.
This year you have begun the journey of knowing God.

Your imagination runs wild.
You live life with all that you are.
You are full of passion.
You are quick to forgive and quick to throw a punch.
You bring a smile to virtually every one who passes by you.
You lavish love onto those dear to your little heart.

 Here are some of my favorite conversations you and I have had this year...

...At dinner you looked at me and said, "How are you beautiful?"
...I suggested one night that we have chicken, rice, and beets for dinner, you responded with, "NOOOO! Just beets nothing else.  I love beets."
...I told you that you couldn't do something and you said, "Alright but what if.." I interrupted you with, "No buts I don't want you to do that no matter what."  You grabbed your butt and said, "Okay I wont use my butt, but what if I just..."
...You climbed the wrong side of the stairs trying to reach a shelf that had ping pong balls on it.  Then you realized you couldn't get back down so you began yelling, "Help me I'm going to die!  Help me!"  As I helped you down you said, "Thanks Momma you saved my LIFE, I almost died!"

My prayer for you this year is that you will continue to love like there is no tomorrow, and forgive just as quickly as you do now.  I pray you'll hold back your punches long enough to decide if they are well deserved.  I pray that you as you grow you will keep that kind of faith in God that comes so naturally to you.

I love you all the way up to heaven and back.

P.S. I love that you enjoy a good cup 'o joe.

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