Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sunday drive

There are some days where staying at home just isn't an option.  This day was one of them, but we had no place to go.  With Man of the woods in a cast and the day threatening to rain our options were limited.  So we jumped in the car and began to drive.

We ended up in Freeport just long enough to see that there were way to many people, so we kept on driving.  Finding ourselves in China where Strong man and I had our very first date.  From there we were homeward bound.

Even though we spent the day in the car, it was one of the best days of the whole summer.  We laughed hard, teased each practiced blowing bubbles with our gum, and tricked Strong man into thinking we had put pirate coins down his shirt and pants while he was driving.

To finish it off we had dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant.

 Sometimes the best days are simply being together.

Gifts #166 - 173
Rainy days.
Long car rides.
Belly laughs and little boy squeals.
Learning to blow bubbles.
Reminiscing about those first days together.
Spontaneous trips.
Dinner out.

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