Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rained out

Man of the woods was able to get his cast off a week early leaving us to finish out the fishing season strong, the boys fished almost 8 days straight.  The one day I was able to go it was supposed to be in the 80's and mostly sunny.

As we arrived at mine & Man of the woods favorite fishing spot the sky darkened.  It was obvious that we would end up in the rain.  After debating if we should wait it out in the car, fish through the rain, or sit under some trees we decided we would at least begin the hike down to the river.

Just as we found the stream we heard the smack of rain drops as they hit the trees above us.  We hid stood still in the pine grove we were in hoping to wait out the showers.  After 10 minutes or so we knew for sure the rain was not about to let up, so we began our hike back to the car.  Three feet out from our grove of safety we were drenched.

In a matter of seconds the car seats were soaked dripping water.

We turned the heat up, watched it pour, and ate some snacks.

In the end we decided a hike through the sopping forest wasn't a good idea, but stopping along the road could be fun.

Gifts #174 - 181
Fun hikes.
Rain falling.
Wet seats.
Boys catching 2 fish.
Almost catching a snake (if only Mom had been a little more brave).
Drying off in the sunshine.
Learning to cast from the bank.
A day with my boys far from work.

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