Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rain. 3rd time's a charm, and I wasn't even trying.

We wanted to see how rain worked.  Learning about condensation, hot and cold air, and density we tried a few different experiments to show us how rained worked.

First we took a glass of water with shaving cream on top and slowly added food coloring until the shaving cream couldn't hold it any more dropping the color into the water.  While that experiment was fun it wasn't really showing us what we wanted to see.

Next we took a bowl with warm water and sat an empty glass in the middle.  Then we covered the bowl with plastic wrap putting a few marbles in the middle to help the water drain into the cup.  While we did collect water, we still didn't really get the effect we were looking for.

We pretty much gave up on the idea that we could find a way to make it rain.

On the first day of Spring we started our seeds for this summers garden, covered them with a plastic dome and sat them in front of the window.

Today when we went to check on them, finding that most of them had sprouted.  The boys said, "Wow look we made it rain."

And my lesson for today, sometimes I don't need big and exciting I just need the simple stuff in life to teach my boys the big and exciting.

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