Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Those days that shoot an arrow right through a Momma's pride.

I climbed out of bed to find a boy in pain.
To the Doctors we went right down the lane.
But in the end there was nothing to gain.

Two brothers would fight.
There arguments were trite.
Giving this Momma quite a fright.

She thought she would lose her head,
At 10:30 AM she began counting down 'til bed.
Maybe they just needed to be feed.

They sat down to eat.
Hoping this day they could defeat.
After all, lunch was quite sweet.

They laughed,
They played,
And friends were made.

As they left, just like a flame
Without any shame
Grinches they became.

Once in the store
They laid on the floor
Whining for more.

Momma all red in the face.
With her eyes like ice
She pleaded for grace.

No fun was found,
As seeds went in the ground.
In there hearts anger continued to mound.

Without any love,
Unlike a dove,
He gave a great shove.

The red drink fell.
Her ears rang like a bell.
Him she wanted to sell.

Into the bath they went.
Momma needed to vent.
To Daddy three texts she sent.

As the day came to a close,
Joy finally arose.
She realized she needed at least one pose.

With one great hug,
In there bags all snug,
Stretched out on the rug,

As they were tended,
Hearts were mended,
And the day happily ended.

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