Wednesday, September 30, 2015

9 reasons I would say, "Yes" all over again.

I had arranged for each of us to have an extra day off after our epic family vacation full of museums, sea creatures, street music, fun uncles, water parks, quiet nights, and renaissance adventures.  Not to mention some unexpected event such as middle of the night evacuations, big red fire trucks and cold sleepy boys handling the whole situation better then some of the adult guests.

It truly was an epic vacation, but the day after just happened to be the day you purposed to me nine years ago.  We always celebrate us on the day.  Some years it's laid back and others are grand nights out, but this year we had planned to go back to work.  I talked with my boss, and talked with your boss and secretly got us the day off.  And without your knowing I had even arranged for your Mom to watch our kiddos over night.  For dinner we were going to go to Longhorns, our special occasion restaurant of choice.  The next morning I thought we would go for a nice easy day hike.  A short but steep hike up to a tranquil little pond that nobody knows about.  It was going to be the amazing ending to our vacation.

Then Monday morning I woke up completely congested obviously suffering from a head cold.  It only took me me a few minutes to realize my surprise for you was foiled.  You didn't sound so great yourself either.  I knew then that our evening out would actually mean an evening in with a box of tissues between us while some chicken soup heated on the stove.  The hike I had planned for us probably wouldn't happen.  My guess was that we would find a good book and lay in bed all day reading some and sleeping some.  Or if we couldn't find any good books we would have a netflix marathon.  At least we could be sick without having to take care of the kids.  Praise the Lord for mother in laws.

 So since we're sick together I decided the next best way to share my love with would be through my writing.  Nine years ago as we sat on the couch of your brand new house you asked me to marry you.  72 days later I stood in a white dress with burgundy trim and you in your tux we promised forever to each other.  Here are nine reasons I would say yes to you again.

1.You still laugh with me.  You think nothing of it when I act ridiculously stupid.  In fact I think it may be one of the reasons you still love me.

2.  You are my best friend.  It's you that I want to tell every detail of my day with.  It's you that I can't stand to be away from for more then a day or so.  It's you that I want when life seems way to big.  I would do anything with you.

3. When we're both frustrated and feel like we're speaking different languages I still know that you are fighting for me not against me.

4.  You still hold my hand, call just because you miss me, and you still stop into work simply to say, "I love you."

5.  You're the best Daddy I know.  You teach our boys how to be men of honor.  You do this through academics, discipline, love, respect, attitude, honestly you do this with all of your being.  You live a life of purpose and a huge part of your purpose is to raise our boys to be the same.  The things you teach them, the way you live, well it has connected with them.  I think the biggest reason they are so willing to learn from you is because you're will to admit your failures to them and ask forgiveness even from them.

6.  We have walked some really dark days together and still you stay true to your promise of forever with me.

Dec 9th 2014.

7.  You pray.  Prayer is something more to you then holding hands around a table and saying thanks for our food.   You pray with the boys and you teach them to talk to God about anything.  You pray for me, our boys, our entire lives every night as we lay in bed.

2008 New year's eve all nighter.

8.  Even with all of my imperfections and flaws you still value me.

2009 New York Ren. faire.

9.  Every morning you make me coffee.  It's kind of our ritual, that I wake you up and ask you to make me coffee, you say you will and drag yourself out of bed while I take my time waking up.  (It's lop side I know but it's one of the reasons I love you.


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