Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cart Diving, an extreme sport.

Today I got to have some one on one time with the littlest of the Hodsdon men.  We both were pretty excited to be 1. Going OUT, after all the sickness we've had, and 2.  We didn't have to share our time with anybody else.  There are some items I have been looking for but will only buy if it's a true bargain price.  So off we went to the local Good Will stores and of course Mardens.  Even though Isaac walks, drinks out of a sippy, and well, is 100% toddler, he is still the best cuddler I know.  He can just curl into me as if he were a new born snuggling up for an afternoon nap.  As I was taking him out of the car a gust of wind came whipping by and he did his cuddle magic.  I am a blessed Mommy.  When we entered the store I put Isaac in the cart where his brother usually gets to stand, you know that part where all the "goods" go, and off we went.  Each new isle brought huge amounts of excitement on my little ones face.  Since it was just the two of us when he found something he was interested in I would stop and let him touch, look and explore it.  (Another reason I chose bargain shopping, if he were to break it the damage wouldn't be to painful for my wallet.)  When it was time to move on he would say good bye to his new interest and then beg me to go, "Ba, ba, ba" back.  This time it was my turn to stop and look at some adorable little girl clothes that I could imagine my, soon to arrive, niece wearing in just a few weeks.  As I'm looking a cute little dress over I'm asking Isaac what he thinks.  I turn to him waiting for a response only to find him leaping out of the cart.  My Mommy reflexes jumped into action and Praise the Lord, I caught him in mid flight!  We quickly moved on.  As we went from store to store he would cuddle into me while were outside, and we had more attempts of "Cart Diving", we even had a "mess in isle 9" moment or more like 20 minutes as hot sauce ran out of my hand while I held him in the other arm, all the while pushing the cart as I try to find a random worker to help clean it up. 

As I think about this morning, I realize I am so much like Isaac.  He so desperately wanted to be with me, and doing what I was doing that he was willing to dive out of the cart to make it a reality.  However diving out of the cart didn't make him able to do the things I can do.  So often I just want to be deep in God's work like somebody further down the road then I am and  I leap out of the safety of where God has put me so I can "be more like Him" only to realize as I'm flying through the air that I was exactly where God wanted me and this leap will not put me where I thought I was going and may even set me back with some broken parts.  God is always good and uses these situations to teach me.  I hope that as I raise my boys I can teach them the difference from "Cart Diving" and doing things that are out of our comfort zone.

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