Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Childish Love

I had the joy of spending the week with my sister as she began learning how to be a Mommy.  I brought my boys down with me.  We all were very excited to meet that beautiful sweet baby.  And was she ever beautiful!  Weighing in 2 lbs less then my smallest she was perfection wrapped in a blanket.  Seriously, she cried once the whole week I was visiting.  She was that dream baby that every new Mom assumes she'll have, but rarely gets.  Not only did I realize for the first time that my "kid" sister, was actually an adult, wife, and mother.  I got to watch my two Littles soak in this new life. 
Isaac the baby lover!  He constantly wanted to be with her, to hold her, to cuddle her, to rock her or bounce her.  So much so that he broke her swing (Oops!).   Had she been my baby I would have take pictures, but for the sanity of her Momma I rescued first. :)

Silas did not take the hands on approach that his brother did.  He spent more time playing then he did looking at the baby.  He would randomly stop what he was doing and pray for her or my sister and never turned up the opportunity to hold her.

Watching babies love on babies is a beautiful thing.  So pure, unconditional, involving all of there being.  No wonder Jesus says we must become like children to enter into heaven (Matt. 18:3)

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