Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm guessing it's the first of many

Broken bones, that is.

Almost every year find a hotel to spend Easter weekend at, just the four of us.  The other holidays are spent with family but this one, the one most dear to us, we spend snuggled in at some hotel.

We always make sure there is a pool for our little fish to enjoy.

This year we also took a walk by the ocean.

We have ourselves a wee little egg hunt where each egg has a piece of the resurrection story hidden inside.  Then we cuddle up on the big bed while Strong man tells the story of Jesus' defeat of death.

We usually get a little something to remember our trip by.  This year we experienced build a bear for the first time.

Waiting for his x-ray.  To which he kept saying, "Oh Mom isn't this so much fun.  I get to have an x-ray.  Isn't it fun Mom?"

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But this time we also got to experience our first broken bone.  As Laughter put his shoes on he slipped off the bed breaking his clavicle.  He was a trooper.  For at least two weeks he wears an ace bandage and a sling, while I follow him all around the house reminding him not to climb the back of the couch, not to run, or wrestle, or sword fight, or really do anything that little boys do.

Photo: Our first broken bone.  Isaac's clavicle... He fell off a bed on Monday, and has been a real trooper ever since, but when he didn't show any improvement after 3 days we got an X-ray and discovered the break.  He thinks it is pretty cool now and has actually been in much better spirits since seeing the X-ray...

104.  Last minute family trips.
105.  Death defeated.
106.  Two happy boys.
107.  Salty air & and the sound of waves.
108.  Brave hurt boys.
109.  Excitement about seeing his own bones.

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