Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial weekend 2014

Meet my Grandpa Joe:

A picture from Gram's funeral last weekend.

He taught me how to ski...when I was four...just a year ago he was still teaching people...
Grandpa and I went to Japan together, just the two of us.
We eat sushi together, love seaweed with our rice, and think soy sauce and mayonnaise make everything taste better.

I want my boys to experience Grandpa they way I did and I want him to know my boys.  Now that the boys are a little more self sufficient, the days are a bit warmer, and because I realize that time waits for no one, this summer the boys and I will spend a lot of our days in Bethel.

Can you guess which piece belongs to Laughter?

This memorial weekend we kicked the summer off with a whole lot of fishing.

Every place we went we got rained on, it was quite humorous by the end of the day.  We would get all set up cast once or twice and then it would pour.  After a few minutes we would pack up, Grandpa not wanting us to get soaked while the boys could have cared less.  A mile down the road the sun would be shining.  And so we would find another spot.

This is where we saw the loon swimming under the water right through a school of sucker fish.  Man of the woods is still taking about it.

The boys made Grandpa laugh a lot while he impressed them with his great fishing spots.

Our last stop, where Grandpa was hooked...literally.

They experienced there first ever fish fry at the fire station.  They weren't in love with the food, but ate it well.  They did however, love the idea of eating in the fire station, seeing all the hoses and the "ladder that was almost as long as the entire building and could have stretched out even longer then that!"  All the while I loved watching Grandpa turn the small things into a grand adventure for them just like he did for me when I was there age.

Laughter knew we were there for three days so he would sadly count down hoping each day that we would stay longer.  On our last day Man of the woods begged to stay just one more day as I was packing.  It's an understatement to say that both are looking forward to visiting again soon.

My heart is happy that they loved being there and being with him as much as I do.

Gifts #
117 ~ A quiet, car ride for sleepy boys and a thoughtful Momma.
118 ~ A community fish fry where:
119 ~ Boys try new things.
120 ~ There are hoses everywhere & long ladders on the wall.
121 ~ Grandpa gets to introduce his great grandchildren to long time friends.
122 ~ I get to sit back and enjoy my memories as the boys make there own.
123 ~ Banana bread that begs to be eaten.
124 ~ Ice cream a tradition of Gram's that I will carry on.
125 ~ To see my Grandpa laugh, hard.

126 ~ To see my boys be in awe of him.
127 ~ Fishing that builds relationships.
128 ~ Seeing a loon fish.
129 ~ Rain.

130 ~ Getting gas and Doughnuts with the boys.
131 ~ Wild imaginations of sailing, sharks, and killer whales at the park.
132 ~ Throwing sticks into the river with Grandpa B.
133 ~ Little hands helping Grandpa B "weed" the garden.
134 ~ Little boy loves.
135 ~ Boys playing together in the back seat.

136 ~ Laughter "singing" for 30 straight minutes.
137 ~ Bathroom breaks that take forever & trying to remember these will pass just like sleepless nights and crying babies passed.
138 ~ How loved Strong man is by the boys.

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