Monday, May 12, 2014


Dearest Si,

You are the easiest boy to plan a party for.  All you wanted was your family, a store bought whoopie pie cake, and some fishing.  That's how you are though.  You always have a short list of wants and being with those you love is always on it.  I love that about you.

So you're six as of two days ago.  It kind of blows my mind.

This year you:
~ Started kindergarten.
~ learned to read & write.
~ Almost always get perfect scores on your spelling tests and memory verses.
~ Learned how to ride your bike this past year.
~ Learned how to buckle yourself up with an over the shoulder strap.
~ Learned how to catch and release mice.
~ Fell more in love with critters, fishing, & the outdoors.
~ Learned when to be tough and when tears are right.
~ Do things for and with your brother because you know it will make him feel loved even though I know you really don't want to. - I'm so proud of you for that.
~ Love God more then you did last year.
~ You have a hunger to learn, about God, about life, about academics.

It has been a treasure watching you grow one more year older, becoming your own person.  I'm am just as overjoyed that I get to be your Momma as the day I birthed you.

An interview with your six year old self:
What is your favorite color? Camo
What is something special to you?  My magical's, the pull apart super heros.
What is your food?  Chicken nuggets and whoopie pie.
What is your favorite memory from this past year? That walk in the city forest with just Dad.

110.  You're healthy.
111.  You make smart choices.
112.  You want the right kind of things such as people over possessions.
113.  Your love for the out doors.
114.  The simple things that bring you joy.
115.  Your freckles.
116.  How quickly you learn new things.

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