Friday, July 18, 2014

A surprise getaway.

I went down to organize and be helpful, but Grandpa said I should take a vacation.  And so I did.

We went to the firemen's fish fry, and I had an impromptu cooking class in the preparation of Chinese cabbage.  We both slept through the evening news him in the recliner and me on the couch.  We spent the afternoon reading with spontaneous conversation thrown in.

The next night I had dinner with my Pop, and his girlfriend before we headed off to hear a local band play.  Which I really enjoyed.

My brother treated me to breakfast the next morning, we checked out a yard sale and went transfer station "shopping" to which I found a brand new doll still in the box for my youngest niece.  Actually my Pop found it.

Then just Pop and I went up to the river that we both spent time in as kids.  We rock hoped and almost fell in once or twice.  I played with the camera while he played in the water.

 A perfect laid back ending to a lazy weekend.


168.  A chance to catch up on sleep.
169.  Good talks with my Grandpa.
170.  Cooking class.
171.  Valuable time with family.
172.  Nights out.
173.  Good food.
174.  Breakfast with Little brothers.

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