Monday, September 1, 2014

Fort Knox & Celtic celebration

It seems like life is full of crazy these days.  The few days we have as a family are that much more important.

We know if we were to stay home on these days it would end up like this:
I would try and catch up on laundry.
Strong man would find something outside to do.
The boys would play here, there, and everywhere.
At the end of the day when I pull the covers up as I wondered if I really spent time with my family.

And so when life is full of crazy we have learned the few days we get to to be just the four of us the best thing to do is to go.

On this day we headed on over to Fort Knox, something we do once a year.  The boys had been begging to go and it's a cheap family date.

The boys explore, and imagine the adventures that could happen in this place.

When the awe and wonder begins to fade we usually call it a day and head home, but this time we some how ended up in Belfast enjoying the festivities of the Celts.

Log throwing.

Music playing.

Rock skipping.

Rain falling as we quietly drove home.

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