Friday, April 3, 2015

How Thunder works

Our last lesson for our water cycle unit.  We reviewed all the different parts and learned why it some storms have thunder and some don't.  This was a super easy experiment and really fun way to end the unit.

A few days ago I filled an ice tray with blue water and let it freeze.  Today we took a clear plastic container full of warm water.  On one end we put in a few of the blue cubes of ice and watched the color sink to the bottom.  On the other end we added a few drops of red coloring and watched it stay at the top moving in the direction of the ice (the blue at the bottom was moving in the direction of the red.)  When the two colors met the swirled around turning the water purple....There it was and example of cold air clashing with hot air making that deep mysterious rumbling noise.

A review of our water unit in photographs:

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