Monday, April 27, 2015

Quiet, rainy weekends

A list of joys...

325.  Warm fires.
326.  Good books.
327.  Cozy quilts.

328.  Home cooked meals.
329.  Worlds created on the living room floor sprawling into two other rooms, where blocks and imaginations dream big, run wild, and live forever.
330.  The smell of freshly made baked goods.
331.  Little boy hands that helped with the baking while I bounced from him to the dishes, and he chattered and squealed and become completely white by the time he was done.

332.  Peeping chicks.
333.  Quiet nights.
334.  Early morning coffee.
335.  Late afternoon naps.

336.  Phone conversations with friends.
337.  Board games as a family.
338.  Rain that lulls us to sleep.
339.  Chicken coops built.
340.  Boys both big and small that smell of freshly cut wood and the air of spring.

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