Tuesday, April 26, 2011

He's going to love this one =)

Meet My Best Friend, Char!

You guessed it--he had no idea I was going to write about him.  It's been 6 hours since he left for his conference and I'm more then slightly missing my best friend!   But why shouldn't I?   He's more then just a best friend... 

He's the best Daddy I know.  Just take a look...

These are the moments I wish I could just freeze time and savor...

How many Daddy's would clip there noses just to get a laugh out of there littles?

...Now back to the topic of best friend, and him being mine.  It's been a good five years.  He's seen me at my worst and I've seen him there also.  Being at our best has been fun too!  It's the daily life I love the most.  Being able to count on him each day.  Him, the morning person, getting up with the boys so this bear can take her time getting out of bed.  Watching him make the boys laugh so hard they look like they'll burst!  Having passionate conversations about spiritual things.  Enjoying his homemade pizza.  Having to think about how to open the gas tank because I fill it maybe twice a year.  Giving baths together.  Tucking the boys in together.  Sitting with my head on his shoulder in church every week.  Staying up into the wee hours to make sure our relationship is good.  We make a fantastic team and are committed to loving each other all of our days and then some if possible. 

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