Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My motive

Here are a few reasons I write:

1.  I have these supper cutesy journals for each of the boys and I have filled maybe two pages if I'm lucky.  I know I'll do better typing then I would writing.  I want my boys to have memeories from when they were little.  And I can do so much more with this then paper.

2.  I love hearing other Mother's stories.  Not only do I learn from them but I am greatly encouraged by Moms who have gone before me.  Maybe by sharing my life publicly I'll encourage those coming behind me.

3.  Most often I write about what God is teaching me.  My friendship with Him is the MOST important thing in my life, more important then my husband and boys.  I would love for my boys to see how human I am.  Christianity is not a religion to me, but a relationship.  I put work into my friendship with Jesus, just like I do with Char, and the boys.  I want to stand out to my boys, flaws and all, it's how I'm made.

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