Thursday, September 29, 2011

A day for remembering

In the eleven times we had seen each other face to face, once he had asked me to be his girlfriend.  I said, "No".  Then he asked if we could hold hands.  I said, "No".  Then on September 29th he asked me to marry him.  I said, "Yes".  In many ways this day is even better then our wedding day. Now, don't get me wrong the day I wore white outlined in red carrying the same colored flowers was spectacular.  But on this day I had said in my heart that I was his.

Husband, thanks for asking.

My beloved is dazzling, ruddy, outstanding among ten thousand.
~ Songs of Solomon 5:10

1046.  The chance to say yes to a life of together.
1047.  Many games of cribbage.
1048.  Daily calls just to hear each others voice.
1049.  Hard conversations always finished.
1050.  An unexpected love that runs deeper then I can fathom.
1051.  His laugh
1052.  His fear, trust, and security of Jesus.
1053.  A father that adores his two boys.
1054.  Coffee beans.
1055.  His pizza crust making skills.
1056.  The countless gifts of SHMILY.

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