Thursday, September 22, 2011


Welcome to my  new home. Only been here a few weeks but feel as if this has always been home.


This is what you see as you walk through the door into our living room. I love working in my new kitchen and have already canned many things here, but more on that in another post.

We have always wanted an open feel to our home and here we've got it.  You can't see it here in this photo, but to the right is a hallway leading to our bedrooms and bathroom.

The boys bedroom came out fantastic.  It begs for your smile when you walk in.  I was slightly worried since we tried to incorperate the favorite colors of both boys.  Man of the woods loving green and Laughter enjoying orange.

It worked well.  This is a very inviting little boys room that will grow with them I think, having enough space for them to play in there room rather then dragging everything out into the livingroom.

My favorite room; our bedroom.  Here the back of our apartment where toys are not allowed.  A place where I can feel like a classy adult as oppossed to the Mommy of toddlers (I love being both).

This hand made table cloth is the center piece of this room (excuse the cat ear).  It brings "home" to me here in the states.  Thank you my Romanian sister for the beautiful gift!

Everyday as I spend time in my home I am reminded of Psalm 67:7.  "God blesses us, that all the ends of the earth my fear Him."  Every gift I am given is to be held with an open hand so I can take this gift of mine and share it with somebody else.

971.  Friends on the hill building a home for my family.
972.  A unique love that only god gives.
973.  Children blending.

974. Community.
975. Prayer.

976. Holy Spirit.
978. Packing alone.
979. Neighbor sister sharing dinner with us.

980. Man of the woods thinking my banana bread is the best.
981. Cleaning with just God.

982. Lunch alone with my handy Mom.
983. Iced coffee.

984. Friends and family to watch the boys during these busy days.
985. Two Dads that gave there time and wisdom for me and mine.

986. Spacious new apartment more like a house.
987. Grammy to love the boys even though they were grumpy.

988. Friends to help move.
989. An ache free new bed.

990. Friend on the hill that's good to me even when I tell him water flooded two bathrooms.
991. Barn animals.

992. Fresh eggs.
993. Two well adjusted kitties.


997.  Boys that love there new home so much they don't want to leave.

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  1. Beautiful! What a lovely home you have. I love all the colors! I'm so glad you are settling in so well.