Monday, September 10, 2012

Boxes, Hungary, & Gifts

If you walked into my house right now not only would you see boxes, but you would see toiletries in the kitchen, kitchen chairs in the living room, a suitcase packed with marshmallows and other strange things like that.  When it comes to the boys it's like playing Where's Waldo?  No joke, sometimes I can find them under the bed, behind the couch, in a box, flying off chairs, and maybe even climbing the walls.  Life seems to be pure chaos.  I would show you pictures of all this, but at the moment I'm not sure where the camera is.

In reality I have a very detailed system of packing going on.  I'm being as specific as I can in labeling and packing the boxes.  Strong man will be working two jobs, moving & unpacking, and single parenting for three weeks.  While many friends from church have offered to help him move on the 23rd I've also asked Grandpa B. If he'd come set up my kitchen.  The room where I will be the most particular about where things go.  Since the two of us are two peas in a pod and love to cook, what better person and what a great thing for Strong man to have a functioning kitchen the day he moves in.

While I'm away many friends have offered in whatever way to help Strong man with all his responsibilities.  So I have made a schedule for the men.  On Monday's and Wednesday the boys will play with friends while Strong man works.  On Tuesdays and Thursday they'll go to the office with him as he only works half days.  On these days I have put together a basket full of treasures.  Packing has helped with this as I've found along the way little toys or treats I have set aside for rewards, Christmas, long cars rides, and such things that are now in the basket.  On Saturdays they'll hang with Nana and Grandpa while he's off with the teens from church.  . 

As for my trip, with each email to many friends I am becoming more and more excited while trying to push away the sadness of being without my babies.  I haven't packed any clothes or anything practical just fun gifts and my passport.  Once while I lived in Hungary, I took a trip to Maine and realized upon arriving I hadn't packed a single pair of pants for myself.  I'm hoping to be a little more thought out on this trip.  But there is only so much room so something might have to go...

In all of this God has been so good to us.  He has given us:
~ Free furniture to use at the new place (that was also given to us for a time).-2 couches, 2 chairs, a desk, a washer (& drier, but we didn't need one), 2 treadmills (not sure what to do with that, a his and hers?), & shelves (more then I had been praying for)...Ever heard of George Muller?  More on him and our new place later.
~ Boxes. (I've only bought tape in all this packing)
~ Three pairs of pants for the total price of $7.84 (Now that the fat pills are finally out of my system I've gone down a size and thought it would be best if my pants fit while overseas.  That is if I have room to bring them.)
~ More friends that offered to help with the boys then we needed.
~ Friends to give us there time by helping us move.
~ A friend that "just happened" to want to cover the cost of my support or whatever I was not able to raise.
~ A family to cover the fun parts of the trip.
~ Well behaved boys.
~ A helpful family.
~ Just about all of the gifts that I have bought have been at a reduced price while also being incredibly specific items.


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