Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer smiles

I know there little hands, little toes, and little minds will not stay little forever so here I will record a little of each.

Me: Are you a monkey?
Laughter: No, I not shape like a monkey.

~Leaving a store today I told Laughter that he could jump in one puddle and then he had to get in the car so of course like any little boy near water he jumped in. Looked at me, looked at the next puddle and before I could get the word no out another huge slash. Looked up at me and asked, "Are you going to punish me?"
Me: Yes I am.
Laughter: Grabs his bottom and and begins screaming, "That hurts it hurts!"...At this point I'm still 3 ft. away from him and have only told him that he will be punished. He comes over to me and as I pick him up to put him in the car seat his scream goes up a few notches....Proof that the moments before a punishment are always worse then the act itself.

Great Uncle Cousin David H.
~ I walked in the living room today and Man of the woods said, "Hey Momma!
Me: Hi, how are you?
MOW: I'm just lovely.

~ Laughter has a camo ball cap that says, "I hunt for hugs" when asked if he hunted for hugs he replied, "bugs not hugs".

~ In church tonight we sang a song that had this line: We cry holy, holy, holy. Laughter sang along with us, only the last time through he sang this: We cry Hooooooly moooooly, we cry Hooooly moooooly.

~ Laughter had a $.25 machine toy duck with the plastic little container. When I got him out of the car I realized he has poured some lemonade into the little container for the duck to swim in...Makes sense.

~ Laughter to me: Can I have some of yours?
Me: What I have is the same as yours so you eat your half and I'll eat my half, okay?
Laughter: No mine is too tasty to eat. I want to eat yours instead.

Swinging with Great grandma Flinner

~ As I got in the car I squealed slightly as i realized I was sitting on my phone. Laughter as his name suggests busted up laughing. Man of the woods on the other hand scolded him for laughing with, "Laughter it's not funny, but very serious. Momma's butt is the biggest muscle of her body and it could have broken her phone."

~ Man of the woods two newest sayings, "I'm as hungry as a beetle...I'm as cold as a bug...

~ Man of the woods: It's so heavy Daddy I don't know if I can carry it all the way up the stairs.
Strong man: Son it's only toilet paper, I know you can do it.

~ Laughter's new way of trying to escape the wonderful time of sleep comes out in two ways. 1-He'll jump out into the living room with a big "Peek-a-boo!" or 2-He'll come out with eyes big as if terrified and whisper "I can't go in my bed there are coyotes in my bed."

~ While at my Sister friend's house Laughter came out saying that her son had pushed him and bonked him on the head. Now knowing that he often starts such things I asked if he had done anything mean first and said, " I push him and use my sharp teeth to chomp him."...I kept it together for 1/2 a second until I heard the snort come from behind us and then I lost it.

Look Momma I found a shiny mineral!!

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