Thursday, September 27, 2012

My calling

Here I am home in many ways. 
To see friends that are really family. 
To walk through the castle again. 
To hear the echo of voices and footstep from the other side. 
To smell the smoke mixed with nature. 
To have my lists. 
It is good. 

Just in the short time I've been back I can feel the excitement of work running through my veins.  The anticipation of working with new people, Remember my passion for teaching the heart of serving while also passing on life skills, and presenting a better environment for not only them but the staff but thousands of guest who pass the doors each year.  It energizes me.

This was my calling.  Once I thought I would be here for the rest of my days.  I fought hard to stay true to this place and I mourned deeply for years after I left.  I struggled to see where calling fit into cooking and diapers.  I knew I was made for something big, something like Hungary.

As I sit here helping and watching and discussing I realize that this my calling has changed.  While I am energized and still all these years later passionate about this place and the work I did.  I am not satisfied.

By being here I am even more convinced that my calling is to teach and grow others in who Jesus wants them to be. To continue passing on life skills but at a more intimate way.  To open my house showing singles what a godly family looks like.  Walking through hard times and joys together.  This is my calling.  This is my passion.  This is my calling.

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