Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The day after sickness.

We all slept in making Strong man late for work and the rest of us blurry eyed as he walked out the door.  I sat to use my therapy light as I do every morning only to be interrupted a gazillion times.  Breakfast wasn't made right for either of my boys some how between the last time I gave them a pop tart and this time they enjoy them toasted now.  I did learn that the lowest setting on the toaster still causes them to be too hot...I also have started finding things put in random places.  This is what happens when I step out of the daily cleaning for a few days.  For example where my decorative bowls go I found a cow shaped nebulizer.  Because I realize it's going to be one of those days I have only one goal for myself; try out my new vacuum cleaner, Mr. Lux.  Along with having low expectations today I also will be purposeful about remembering the joys of sickness.  We really did have a good weekend...

2722.  A dream come true to own a Lux.

2719.  I was able to work a double this past weekend.  My customers were kind to me by tipping me well.
2721.  In between shifts the boys and I sat around the table eating Pizza Hut bread sticks.

2724.  The smile hiding kitties bring.

2725.  We had movie night twice!  Strong man and I even got to sit next to each other for one movie.
2726.  In preparation for the holidays some much needed purging went on this weekend.

2728.  "Dinner" left out still warm after a long nights work...A very thoughtful Laughter.

2729.  The smell of Thanksgiving dinner is in the air...I've started the baking.
2730.  All of my computer training is done at work.

Cranberry apple pie.

2720.  Dunkies pumpkin coffee.
2731The smell of homemade cranberry sauce.

Life is good...Oh and I just had to take a break from this here post to try out Mr. Lux...All I have to say is that I am in love.  The two of us will enjoy each other for years to come...Ah yes life is good.

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