Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving calls for a little laughing.

~ I asked Man of the woods to get dressed. He came into the kitchen trying to put a clean shirt over his dirty shirt. Was quite frustrated when I told him he couldn't keep wearing his dirty shirt just because he put a clean one on over it.

~ After Laughter dipped his chip in mayo saying that it was tasty Man of the woods decided to try it. His verdict of this food combination went like this: Holy cow! That IS good!

~ Unsure of what Laughter was asking me I turned from the stove to hear better, this is what I found: Him sitting on the bar with my baking salt and some of his toy dishes asking me for a cook book so he could make his recipe...

~ I heard a squeak that only the handle to the wood stove makes. Thinking it was very strange since Strong man was at work and I was in the kitchen I peeked in to find that Laughter had the fire gloves on and was opening the door to look inside (as oppose to just looking through the glass)...A human version of Curious George I think.

~ Man of the woods: I don't know why they call a book a book."

~ After Laughter had used the bathroom, He began following Strong man saying, "Daddy there's a problem with my butt! Help me there's a problem with my butt!"...Turned out he couldn't get his pants completely over his butt.

~ In the store shopping for a winter coat for Laughter who did not want to be there he said, "It's fine with me if I don't have a winter coat. I don't mind being cold."

~ Laughter about an antibiotic, "I don't want to take the medicine it makes my but poop!"...Directly after taking it, "Oh my butt doesn't hurt at all! It didn't make my butt poop!"

~ In the middle of the night Laughter came into our room saying, "I just don't think I can sleep anymore"

~ A little wheezy from a cold Laughter said, "my sickness sounds like a mouse."

~ As I kissed Laughter good night he said, "I'm a horned owl so I will stay up all night."

~ Laughter in the parking lot today: You don’t need to hold my hand. I will know if any cars bump into me.

~While in the car today with extreme urgency in Man of the woods voice he says, "Momma he's going
to eat it! Don't eat it!" Looking over my shoulder I saw Laughter with great delight on his face as he held his booger covered finger closer and closer to his mouth. In the end he wasn't interested in eating the booger he was interested in razzing' his big brother...

~ Nana says to Laughter who is crying, "Crying like this may work for you at home, but it doesn't work at Nana's house." Man of the woods got very serious and said, "It doesn't work at home either."

~ I went to pick up the boys from Sunday school class to find that Laughter wasn't in his room. I went Man of the woods class where I learned that Laughter was there because he ran away from his class room. When they brought him into the other classroom they shut the door, to which he said, "I know why you shut the door so I wont escape again."

~ Tonight at supper Laughter wanted one of Strong man's french fries that was covered in red pepper. The reaction went like this: Yummy, yummy, yummy, Oh no, ouchy, ouchy, ouchy.

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  1. Oh your boys are so funny with what they say! My little one will be saying thing like this soon! I just hope I can remember to write them down with a new one in the house! She does get very excited when she has gas or anyone else does but she says I pee I pee or pee dadda Pee or momma pee!