Sunday, December 9, 2012

Celebrating 6 years with shoes

I have worn heels maybe two times in my life, and nylons only when required.

So when I envisioned my wedding day with me in typical wedding shoes I saw disaster.  I mean, tripping over my dress and rolling down the isle just wasn't my idea of a good wedding day. 

So I chose my everyday sneakers.  I did end up tripping on my dress falling on a staircase with the bellman running to my rescue, but that's for another story. (Just an FYI, it was an alcohol free reception.  I was that slick all on my own.)

I wasn't the only one who went for tennis shoes.  One of the groomsmen showed up with these bright green shoes. 

He said he'd only wear them until I noticed, which I did the instant I saw him.  How could anybody miss those shoes?  I figured since I was going for comfort who was I to stop him. 

So funky shoes kind of became a theme of our wedding.  The girls all had duck slippers.  Some of which even quacked when they walked.

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