Monday, December 17, 2012


I can hardly believe it's been three years since we were in the hospital listening to you purr while you slept, something you still do.

In the last year you have grown into a true boy.  We've been diaper free for almost that entire time. You began potty training just before your second birthday and you are a quick study.
Caught red handed...Eating old candy from the gingerbread houses.

They say the cravings your mother has while carrying you becomes your favorite food.  My cravings were kit-kat's and twix bars.  Oh yes, you have a sweet tooth worse then I've ever seen before.  Just last night as I was trying to get you to eat your dinner I said that if you ate you could have some left over frosting on crackers, but you were too full to eat any more.  Until five minutes later as I pulled out the frosting you ran to the table saying, My tummy is sooo hungry!  Before I knew it, you were done eating the sustaining stuff ready for the sweets.

Love little boy toys.
You have an imagination that runs wild.  Earlier this year as we put you to bed you would come out with pure fear in your eyes and voice saying that, "I can't go to bed there are Coyotes in my bed and they will eat me!"

When asked what you want to be when you grow up you say, "I want to be a daddy with five kids!"  Any kind of house work you just love.  You cook for me all the time, you clean, and you love on that baby of yours.  When we look at toys in the store you love walking down what we call the "pink isle" also known as the doll isle with each new doll you have a new squeal to match it.  This year for Christmas I'm giving you a doll stroller something you've been asking for since this time last year.

Knowing you love to wear costumes big brother picked this out all by himself for you.

While you are bushels of laughs, and wildly fun doing things only you could think of, you are most of all a gift to me.  You are on loan, and God has given you some pretty special personality traits.  Aside from laughter when I think of you I think compassion, a boy who understands the need to encourage others, a giver it doesn't matter what or how much it means to you if you think it'll brighten another's day.
As you wanted a costume party I dressed up as you.  any given day we would find you in one or all of these items-1 boot, 1 glove, batman shirt, vest, back pack, hat, and crazy socks...All day long you would say, "Momma, I mean Laughter..."
I love you.  I thank God that he has allowed me to grow with you another year.  My prayer this year is that while you are just beginning to come to an understanding of spiritual things, that you may fall head over heals for the One who made you...That and I am still praying that God will get me to your fifth birthday before any broken bones or ER trips come.

You requested strawberry cake with strawberry frosting with sprinkles and a strawberry on top.
I love you sweet boy.  Happy third birthday.  It's been beautiful to watch you become a boy.


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