Friday, December 21, 2012

Today begins the celebration.

Okay I did have a work party earlier this week and it was a lot of fun.  In fact I am now addicted to fired pickles...

But today is when we will all pile into a warm living room with those closest to us. 
We will eat way to much.
We will laugh way to hard.
We will fight over some pretty awesome gifts.
We will save some of the others for another Yankee swap.
It will be good.

Today begins the celebration of the ultimate gift God gave to us that night in a manger. 

In the days to come we will sit and open gifts that has brought the giver much more anticipation the the receiver.  As the boys talk about the gifts it's the joy they hope to see on our faces as we open the ones from them that outweighs what they will get.  I am quite sure that's how God felt that night, each night, one of us opens His gift of Jesus. 

Some gifts I've been given this year as I remember.
~ Little boy excitement over the gifts they are giving.  (So much so there isn't going to be too much surprise on Christmas morning)
~ Customers, strangers, giving me large tips with a God bless as they leave.
~ Friends to be with.
~ Snow to watch my babies, now boys, play in.
~ A healthy new niece and a healthy new Momma.

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