Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Quiet days EFA 3.2

Back in the fall as we were moving, and I was flying around the world, and my husband was resigning, and I was being hired, family day was chucked out the door with all the boxes. 

For Strong man going back to only working at the office even though it was still part time meant Fridays were a work day.  Mostly because I would be out of the house two nights and one day a week serving up pizza and pitchin' how amazing Pizza Hut really is (in all honesty we do have some pretty rockin' deals.  And if you opt out of our most popular pizza crust for something a little more homey it's kinda hard not to eat the stuff.)...Anyway, back to the long lost family days, you throw in the fact that we were no longer able to be neck deep in the broke and well it seemed to be okay to take a break.  Everything is a season and life looked different.

As the new year rolled in we finally stopped lamenting our lack of sacred days and did something about it.  Last week we welcomed back our favorite day of the week.  Smack dab in the middle of the week we have the freedom to lock ourselves in or hit the road, no matter the event one thing remains true: we are together. 

So our first day back we stayed home, played on the floor of our newly set up play room, bought a cheap lunch out and then finished it off with a pizza night (healthy I know...).  A quiet uneventful day jam packed with love and honor for each other.

Yes, we stayed in our pj's most of the day...No we do not require military stances.

Welcome back family day, you truly are the best day of the week.

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