Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Momma of boys & EFA 3.7

"BOY n. noise with dirt on it"
When I found out I was expecting baby number one.  I considered the possibility that I might have a girl child growing in me just enough to have a name picked out to prove that I really was going to be a good Momma.  Late at night as we would lay in bed dreaming of our tiny "Malna" I would share my fear of having a daughter.  I had played house when friends wanted to, my first choice was catching frogs in the swamp out back or riding my bike.  For me doing my hair all up fancy was letting it half down instead of the ponytail I sported every. single. day.  And shopping, my favorite store is Good Will and I always bring a friend when clothes are involved.  Left to my own devices I find a pair of pants I like and I buy four pairs exactly the same so I don't have to shop again for at least a year or more.  So while I would have smiled at the ultrasound technician if she told us the baby was a girl, I smiled just a little bit bigger when we learned our first born would be a boy.

As baby number two began growing within me Strong man was ready to hold his little girl, and so for him I hoped for a girl.  When I found myself laying on my back looking at that black and white screen in suspension I held my breath scared out of my mind that this baby would be a girl.  When the evidence left no room for question I breathed a sigh of relief that again I was having a boy, with a small pang of sympathy for Strong man as he refused to believe our baby was a boy.  In fact he had to have three people look at the screen to confirm it was a boy, and then still wouldn't believe it until he could actually hold the child in his arms.  When that day finally came it was instant love for all of us.

I'm not sure why the idea of girls terrifies me so.  I'll admit there are moments, days even, okay once there was an entire month where I longed to be able to say, "She's my daughter."

But a Momma of boys, just in hearing those words my heart stills.  Maybe it's because I have five brothers and only two sisters so I know what is to come.  Ha! I KNOW what is to come and yet my heart finds rest in having sons...

Today my heart is full as dreams of motherhood came true.

~ Birds Acre, a family friendly safe haven for injured birds that's not to far from home.

~ Hearing peepers for the first time this season.
~ Finding frogs but not catching any.

~ Looking for salamanders.
~ Finding bugs.

~ Catching a fish with my bare hands, even if it's itty-bitty it's still a first for me.
~ Two boys excited to have lunch at the "spork restaurant" aka KFC.

~ A duck following a goose as if she were his mother.

~ Glad my husband enjoys outdoor adventures as much as I do, actually I'm sure he enjoys them more.
~ Warm sunshine.
~ Trees begging to be perched in.

~ Mother son dates with my oldest.

~ Giving him a drink I know he admires, but doesn't ask for.

~ Playing games, while splitting a cookie.

~ Building massive train tracks with the boys as "Chomper" eats the mean trains, and dragons protect the good one.

I had no idea that Percy was a good train, but Laughter was slightly mortified that I would let Chomper eat Percy.  It went something like this:
*Gasp* Oh no not Percy!  Oh poor Percy!" As he gently nestles the toy train into his neck....
And that was the end of my train adventures for the day.

~ Water swishing as happy boys rinse off in the tub.

~ End of the day joy that only parenthood can bring--Bible stories read, prayers said, heads kissed, and teeth brushed, toys picked up, jammies covered with cozy blankets.

~ Reminders that I am a Momma of boys.

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  1. Aaaah....a fantastic 3:00 a.m. read for this sleepless Mama of an...ahem...giiiiiirrrrl. Sca-rrrrry. :0) Loved your post, Sweets. So sweet and precious. Love you.