Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The day it was me and five hoolies

"I need a favor" said my Bestie, "But it is huge so take some time to think about it."

I prepared myself for the worst.

She continued on, "Do you think you could watch the boys for me?"

I died laughing, was that all she was asking?  I know these boys. For the last four years we have walked life together every single week. Our youngest sons are two months apart. Both of our families have made major life changes and we share the same heart. The husbands spend there lunch breaks at Olive Garden talking of life, and us Mommas do the same over little boy chatter and reheated coffee. We love it. When life is hard we drop what we're doing and listen to the other in cozy pubs or over the phone while we hide in the bathroom...I love these boys. I love there parents.

"No seriously take time to think it over. You would have five boys." she warned.

I agreed with the condition that along with leaving me her boys she would also leave a piping hot cup of joe.

And so she did...At 7:30 in the morning.

The day went about like this:

2 batches of banana muffins gone in 30 seconds.
My son bullied her son.
I was mortified.
All the while in the other room, the two littles decided to "clean" the tub.
My youngest got soap in his eyes.
Tears were wiped.
Hearts were healed.
Eyes were rinsed.
I took a deep breath.
A whole bag of chicken nuggets devoured.
After lunch treats were enjoyed, because "Mith Thandy always has treats."
Nerf wars.
Rest time.
Hugs and kisses.

Nothing less then I expected.  A good day with my five favorite boys.

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