Monday, May 11, 2015

A happy joy filled Mothers day.

341.  Waking up to whispers full of glee, "Dad can we give Mom's present to her now?"...
342.  ...And a gruff mostly asleep voice, "Sure, you can give it to her now."
343.  Lego's the perfect mothers day gift ever.
344.  7 am questions that only happen on birthdays, "Can we decorate my cake now? Can we go buy a bike?  Can we build your legos?  Can we at least go shopping so I can spend some of my birthday money?"....To be repeated every 2 minutes for the next half hour.
345.  Breakfast buffets that serve brownies as dessert.

346.  Bike shopping with our brand new seven year old.
347.  The excitement he had all afternoon.

348.  New shoes from my strong man, with Laughter running up and down the isles "helping" me pick out just the right ones...Until he tripped knocking over an entire stack of shoes, just like in the movies.

349.  Lego brick candies to make birthday cakes the best.
350.  A boy who wanted to make his cake with me.
351.  Chatting and planning and enjoy our time together.
352.  Forgetting to eat lunch because of all the taste testing of our project.

353.  Quiet afternoons in the yard.
354.  The squeak of swings flying high.
355.  The squeals of boys as they slide into the cold water.

356.  Chicks free to roam the yard for the first time.
357.  Instead following my voice as I called to them.

358.  Celebrating life as family sitting around the table singing happy birthday.
359.  Boys whispering as they fell asleep in the tent set up in there room.
360.  Foot rubs from my strong man.
361.  A long, deep sleep.

362.  Lego bouquets and gardens made just for me.

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