Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend joy

379.  Early morning coffee with my brother.
380.  Early morning games.
381.  Quick shopping trips and deep conversation with a new friend.

382.  Cloudy mornings drifting into sun filled afternoons.
383.  Friends and family to celebrate 7 years of Man of the woods.
384.  Old friends arriving early.

385.  Grammy's, aunties, & uncles driving three hours just for an afternoon visit.
386.  Back yard fire pits with hot dogs & marshmallows.
387.  Many laughs with good friends.

388.  Nana's to help behind the scenes.
389.  Grammy's to snuggle with my boys.
390.  The Mommy's taking over the zip line.

391.  Nieces running for me with big hugs and many smiles!
392.  The sound of MANY kids playing happily.
393.  Sister friend's baby girl and I picking up where we left off.

394.  A quiet night at a friends house.
395.  Two happy twin boys.
396.  Sitting at the kitchen table while we talk into the wee hours of the night.

397.  Playing in the dirt, pulling weeds and planting flowers.
398.  Talking to my chicks, and watching them enjoy being out of the coop.
399.  Birds singing, swings soaring, and peace flowing through my heart.

400.  Spontaneous play dates.
401.  New friendship grown a little bit deeper.
402.  Grilled food.

403.  Being remind of all that God has done for me, for Strong man, and for us.
404.  Hearing what God has done in others.
404.  Long hot showers at the end of the day.

405.  Being asked out on a date by my oldest.

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