Friday, July 20, 2012

Camping calls for LOTS of food

To say we enjoy eating would be a bit of an understatement.  Aside from lots of swimming, playing board games, fun flashlights, hay rides, we ate and ate.

Since we were introduced to a hobo pie maker just after we were married our camping experiences have greatly improved.  With it almost anything is possible; pizza, cinnamon rolls, apple pie, the list goes on.

Popcorn made over an open fire.

2356.  A large tent; finally full.
2370.  Playing in the pool as a family.
2371.  Sitting around a campfire just my 3 men and I.
2372.  Playing card games before bed.

So begins the apple pie making.
2373. Listening to cackling fires and small boys breathe as they sleep.
2375. Waking to the song of morning birds.
2388. Man of the woods becoming a fish in the pool.

2389. Laughter joining in the water fun even though he'd prefer to simply dip his toes in.
2396. Giggles instead of naps; brother friends.
2397. "Talking animals, I mean trees, I mean tree animals"~Man of the woods.

2398. Man of the woods obedience without judging strangers for there disobedience.
2399. Sitting late into the night around the campfire with Strong man.

2400. Growing up as a couple not just growing old together.
2401. Brothers as playmates while we packed up camp.

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