Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We're back...

...from our very first family vacation!

We have snuck away before, when life becomes overwhelming. It's a survival thing, but this time, this time it was planned in advanced. A fulfillment to a dream I've had since I found out I was expecting my oldest son. Two dreams actually. One to fill our big ole tent with our family and two to take my boys to Story Land.

Sweet bliss. To see the wonder and awe through two young pairs of eyes. Sweet bliss.

2354. 3 hour car ride with happy, happy boys.
2355. All of our camp gear fit in Rhonda the Honda.
2356. God's beauty shining through the white mountains.
2357. No damage done to my camera by an exploding juice box.
2358. Dollar store toys to keep boys entertained.
2359. The excitement and anticipation of Story Land.
2360. Laughter's joy of the small play houses.
2361. Laughter ringing the school bell.
2362. Listening to the story of the 3 little pigs while Laughter watched 3 real pigs and inspected each of there houses.

Man of the woods in awe of being in the presence of Princess Cinderella...In a production we watched Man of the woods volunteered to help set up for Cinderella's ball.

2363. 3 pirate men.
2365. 2 boys steering there own swan boats.
2366. Excitement over drinking out of a water fountain.
2367. Meeting Cinderella.
2368. Man of the woods finally getting to ride the long awaited roller coaster and loving it.-Me getting to ride with him.
2369. Going from one thing to the next with awe and wonder.
2374. Manuel merry-go-rounds.

2378. Two stories of flying balls.
2379. Boys at an amusement park wanting to play not expecting others to entertain them.
2380. Water ships.
2381. Laughter in love with driving the tractors.
2382. Laughter and Strong man enjoying ice cream while Man of the woods and I spend time together.
2383. Breaking out of jail with Man of the woods.
2384. Man of the woods becoming braver and braver with each ride on the roller coaster.
2385. Man of the woods asking to hold onto him a little tighter on the log flume.
2386. Leaving Story Land wanting more while also being very satisfied.

Loopy Labs a place where Nerf balls can be shot through sling shots, cannons, dropped from the ceiling just about anyway imaginable.  A favorite stop.

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