Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lunkers (big ole trouts) on this EFA, 2.18

You know it's a family day when little boys nap in the car.

I'm thinking they are pretty well adjusted.

Finally a week where the waters are safe for little boys and small Mommas. So we begged Grandpa to leave work early to come play with us in the stream.

Yes the goal was to fish, but where we first came in there's a nice little run off that the boys love to play in.  Just on the other side of the Brook is a rocky shore; great for rock throwing. 

And on this HOT day I went for a short swim; just enough to soak myself. 

Have I mentioned this is our favorite fishing hole.  Just look at the view:

Looking up stream.

Looking down stream.

It's the first time we've fished it this summer, but boy was it worth it.  Man of the wood's fishing pole was set up first.  As we're getting the others set to go he reeled in a 16 in. "lunker".  No joke.  He did have a bit of help hookin' it, but the rest was on him.

Just a bit down stream, a stones throw actually, Daddy caught another lunker.

We thought 16 inches was a big one until we saw Strong man's; an 18 incher!

The fun didn't stop there the next fish to be pulled in was 20 inches, unfortunately it was a sucker but still a fun fight to drag in.

The boys and I ended our fishing trip on a rock island while the men fished a bit more. It was a nice end to the day.

~ A perfectly hot day for fishing.
~ Grandpa to fish with.
~ A spoiled Momma, only carrying the fishing poles through the woods.
~ Man of the woods catching a lunker of a fish straight away.
~ Cool dips.
~ Fishing nets.
~ Damsel flies.
~ A raft to ride in.
~ Rock islands.
~ Two little boys willing to cross a stream with a small current.
~ Strong man that came running when he heard unhappy little boys.
~ The rocks, trees, and all of nature to cry. "Glory, glory to the Maker."
~ 1 dear, 7 rabbits, a turtle, huge fish, a frog, a dead raccoon; critters that make my boys happy.
~ A blast of a ride home sitting in the back between two happy boys.
~ Boys with great attitudes even when it's WAY past there bedtime; willing to show old Grandpa there trouty.

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