Wednesday, March 20, 2013

EFA 3.6 and our Resurrection garden

I love, love, LOVE family days!  I think that's why I label them Epic Family Adventures, because no matter what we do they are always epic...Well okay let's be honest here, they are almost always epic, and this was one of those days.

To begin this epic day we had breakfast at my most favorite pub where the food is filling and the price is low.

Laughter: Hey, this looks like one of the letters from one of the names in our family.
Strong man: Oh yeah which letter?
Laughter: The letter 2.

Just before Easter the past few years I have seen this idea of making a Resurrection garden.  Last night I decided this year we would give it a try. Here's what you need:
~3 crosses
~A plant pot base
~Itty-bitty plant pot.
~Grass seed.

Last night I went out to our wood pile looking for some wood splinters to make miniature crosses out of.

After we got home from breakfast I gave each hooligan a spoon to put a thin layer of wet soil on the bottom of the pot base. Then  we placed the itty-bitty pot on it's side as to be the empty tomb.

Once we had it where we wanted it we covered the pot to make it look like a tomb in a hill.

I say "we" used spoons but for one of us it seemed better to use his hands, even though I had to dig out the tomb entrance three times.

My wild one covered in mud grabbed a whole handful of seed but found that instead of nicely falling onto our soil they clung to him like thistles cling to socks, but once we got hands washed and dried the grass seed fell into place quite nicely.

Lastly we added crosses before setting our soon to be garden in a sunny window. 

It should take 4 to 7 days for the grass to sprout.  The goal is that each time we see this garden of ours we will remember and fall more in love with Jesus.

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