Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Words from my littles.

 ~ 3 year old Laughter looking out the window, "It's a really blustery day."

~ The morning of Laughter's birthday he was over joyed at the fact that he was 3. To which Man of the woods said, "You're not really 3 until your party." after the party Man of the woods turned his head to the side as he examined his brother and wondered out loud, "You don't look like you've grown. What happened? You're 3 but don't look like you've changed any."

~ In a craft store with Laughter today he saw a rack full of lace. In a high pitched excited voice he said, " Oh Mom it's toliet paper!"

~ While playing kitchen with Laughter I started singing just like I always do when I cook, but he said, "No singing while you cook it's dangerous. You might get burned."

~ Playing Pizza Hut Laughter said, "Take out your phone and call the police with me, we're all out of bread sticks and they'll know what to do!"

 ~ I came home from work to find Laughter shirtless when I asked why he said, "Because I'm the Hulk and Hulk doesn't wear a shirt."

~ I asked laughter to help pick up the markers after a few minutes he came to me with this, "Mom I can't pick up the markers and that's so unusual."
~ Laughter trying to get me to understand the word he was saying, "T, t, t, crayon"

~ The third time Laughter came out of his room after he was supposed to be in bed I greeted him with a stern, "What are you doing out of bed?" His response, "Nails didn't keep Jesus on the cross it was love."

~Laughter to me, “Mommy I love you. I think that when I’m a man you’ll be a
little boy.”

~Strong man had just explained the word scheme to Man of the woods using the example of Laughter and Man of the woods planning a way to take a cookie after they had already been told no. Laughter over hearing there conversation says, “Mommy scheming is like when you and Daddy make a plan to take a cookie after you already said no. That is what scheming is. And then do you know what would happen? You would get punished!”

~ Laughter, "One time I pooped so much I pooped a sandcastle."

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