Thursday, March 7, 2013

Simple joys from last week to this one.

~Boys swimming in the bath tub.
~Kitties sleeping in boxes.
~Watching my four year old fall in love math.
~ Seeing more and more that my three your old is going to be an artsy craftsy kind of guy.
~ Driving with my windows down just a notch.
~ Cuddles with my baby who really isn't a baby.
~ Starting fires as the sun sets instead of as it rises.

~ Hearing the soft clank of Joy, Grace, Thanksgiving that I now wear around my neck, a daily reminder for those days when I can't really see.
~ Watching the snow fall.
~ Longing for spring as I begin to plan out my garden.
~ Folding laundry.
~ The boys enjoying homemade strawberry sorbet.
~ A day for play dough.
~ Little boys run shirtless.

~ Five boys three with a different name then ours but I think brothers at heart.
~ Sipping coffee at the kitchen table with chaos all around.
~ Movie night with my happy little family of four.
~Little boys that get excited about cleaning...even if they decide to "wash" the windows with a rag meant for dusting.  Leaving the Windows streaky clean.

~ Date nights with Strong man.

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