Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring fever

I am not even about to claim that I'm a seasoned Mom, but after four years of this journey I know enough to not be surprised when March first rolls around and all of the sudden my two hoolies are climbing the walls...Literally, climbing the walls.

For the first two years I thought maybe my children had some how found a way to inject themselves with sugar.  The third year it occurred to me there was a pattern to the extreme chaos that ensues the entire month of March.  So this year I was prepared.  I entered the month reminding myself to show much grace knowing full well this year was going to be like every other.

March the month where the sun teases and it slushes for days allowing only for us to watch through the window.  This is the month I begin dreaming of gardens, birds, the sent of wild flowers, reading books in the sun while the littles play.  This is the month where the boys begin dreaming of the fort hidden just behind the tree line, frog pounds, bugs, and fishing.  My wee one is hoping to catch some snakes this summer too.  To which I say, "Praise the Lord I have a bestie who happens to be a snake catching pro."...Just a fair warning Dearest, and maybe you could scare him out of this interest for snakes like you did my oldest.  I would be ever grateful...

In this month...
~I have found my laundry counter "cleaned" off and turned into a fort of some sort. 
~I have b-ball circuits being done in my living room.  For fun.
~The game of cat and mouse where the boys run in circles through the living room, kitchen, playroom, and back to the living room has been invented.
~The couch has become a spring board and the beds have become trampolines.
~All that loud boy noise that has been held in so well over the winter is exploding out in the wee hours of morning. (I think one boy will be pleased when we "Spring ahead" this Sunday so the rest of us will need to get up when he does.)
~The hodge-podge lunches have begun-nuts, fruit, pretzels, maybe boiled eggs, & raw veggies.

Yes, yes, spring fever has arrived.  May the north wind bring in the warm rays of summer as it blows past.

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