Tuesday, May 21, 2013


This year is a very special year to me.  It marks the passing of a preschooler and the beginnings of pure boyhood.  Really there isn't much I do for you these days.  In this past year you have completely learned to dress yourself, brush your own teeth and get your own drinks.  You catch salamanders and frogs "all by your own" (which you no longer say), and you have begun thinking for yourself wanting to understand the "why's" behind the "what's" in our daily life.

Meet five year old "Ball Man".  A combination of two things you love balls and super hero's.
For months just after you were born each night Daddy and I would take turns as you screamed.  You would sleep in 45 minute intervals for the first seven months of life.  Your belly wrenching in pain, and Daddy and I would do the only thing we could do; hold you and stand before the throne of Heaven on your behalf both of us feeling completely helpless in soothing you.  On my shifts I would come from the room just next door pick my favorite boy up, zipping us into the sleeping bag that waited for us in the rocking chair.  We would rock and you would cry and I would rub your face as I whispered to my Best Friend.  While I knew you were in pain and I prayed countless times each day that God would show us how to help you, I would pray with even more earnest that you would be passionately in love with Jesus. 

Catapults, knights, and a castle made out of his favorite blocks makes for a very happy birthday boy.  Your reaction: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
Easter morning just before your second birthday as you and Daddy were having breakfast he explained to you why Easter was so special.  As he asked if you understood you began talking about your napkin.  We thought the conversation was lost on you, but a few days later you asked if Jesus was in Daddy's heart and then in your heart.  When we said no you became quiet and the conversation ended.  Shortly there after as Daddy and I were having a spiritual conversation about you, your little voice piped in and said, "No Jesus in my heart."  We asked you how you knew that, and in your little two year old words you proceeded to share with us the gospel.

Your very first salamander catch.

Thank you for teaching me to have an innocent love for Jesus, and even though I no longer hold you in the dark of the night my prayer for you still is that you may you know Him more then I ever will in this life.

An interview with you, my five year old:
What's your favorite color? Blue
What is something that is very special to you? God
What is your favorite word or saying? Are you kidding me?!
What is your favorite super hero? Ball man
What is your favorite memory of this past year? Story land.
Anything else you want to say? Nope
One years growth.
Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all.
~ Mark 10:15
Gifts God has given me through you...
~ Your deep awareness of spiritual things.
~ Your strive to be honorable.
~ Your love for good.
~ Your sensitivity.
~ The way you live up to your task of being a big brother, you do it so well.
~ Your love of nature.
~ Your hunger for learning.
~ Your freckles and curly hair.
~ The way you take on responsibility.
~ Your imagination.
~ Your caution that is not cowardliness.
~ The high priority you put on family.
~ The way you use your words to love others.
~ Your willingness to help others.
~ Your willingness to take the time to explain something so others can learn from you.
~ Your personality so much like mine forcing me to reflect and face my flaws so that we can both grow.
I love you, five year old boy.  Happy birthday.

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