Friday, May 17, 2013

Gifts of May.

I am deeply loved by the King of the heavens and the earth....

~ An unexpected date with Laughter, the best part though was when he whispered in my ear, "Tanks Momma for tanking God for our date. I love you."

~ Beautiful weather for the first fishing trip of the year.

~ An easy hike to a shallow stream where the boys can remember the flow of river water, the buzz of black flies, and fun of reeling in fish.

~ Laughter the son who truly loves to fish.

~ Crystal clear water.

~ Man of the woods who much prefers brook time as a time of searching for critters and bugs rather then actually fishing.

~ The rest that the sound of a brook brings.

~ One more year older, one more year braver.

~ The perfecting ending to a perfect fishing day; ice cream for dinner.

~ Fresh grown asparagus.

~ Dandelion yellow and a little boy who loves them so.

~ New life...

~ ...And best friends...

~...And a husband who offers to leave work early on an already chaotic day so I can see both.

 ~ Long car rides with my Sis.

 ~ Being asked to go on a fishing adventure with my Dad.

~ A Dad who knows the way to this girls heart by offering unlimited steak, and well, food in general.

~ Short get aways with my three men.

~ On the 10th becoming the Momma of a school aged boy.

~ Spiders and flowers.


  1. This picture of us is HILARIOUS!!! Do you remember what we were laughing at?

  2. Remember how Char got a picture of Kevin getting a picture of us. That's what we were laughing at. I did think it was pretty funny...