Sunday, May 26, 2013

A whale of a tale...Only it's not.

Last Christmas when I opened a long, round package revealing my very own fishing pole I knew this was going to be a good year for fishing.  A few weeks later we found a nice pair of fishing boots for a very good price.  The thought of not having to wear my sneakers in the brook excited me.  Then just days later my Dad texted me asking I had any interest in a fishing trip to Ontario lake plus all I could eat steak.  My response: Heck ya!...It's going to be a great fishing season.

The trip was supposed to be four guys, but one backed out so I slide into his spot and then another backed out so my lil Sis got to come too.  The plan was to pull out at 3 am so the two of us crazy Momma's stayed up all night.  Well until about the time we got in the car, and then we took some sleepy pills and dreamed away.  I woke up just a few hours later, but my Sis who is very sensitive to any kind of medication just kept right on sleeping.  She woke up for lunch and then enough to settle into the hotel, get a bite to eat, and then slipped back into her dream world.  I was slightly worried that she would sleep through the entire fishing trip, but when you have a four month old at home it would be a pretty close call; fishing or sleep for the first time in months.  In the end she got both.  That one all nighter kicked our butts and we were in bed early for the rest of the weekend.

Our hotel was a stones throw from the docks and right on the river.  The part of town we were in was quaint and calm just lovely as we went in search of the boat that would carry us the next morning. 
Not quite as big as I had hoped as this girl does NOT enjoy boats one bit.  Not quite sure what I was thinking when I agreed to two eight hour days on this itty-bitty boat. Actually I knew exactly what I was thinking; Steak every night, and I just had to catch a fish bigger then Dad's just like I did when we were in the Rockies.  It was great!
All of us children organized a trip for Dad in the Rockies while we were already out there for my sister's wedding...Wait until you see my fish this time...
The day started of dreary.  Oh wait, no it started off dark, dreary, and windy at 5 am.

At one point the Captain left me in control of the boat...For about three minutes.  That's how long it took me to get from "just keep it pointed at that boat way out there" to a 90 degree turn pointing us straight towards shore, which was kind of a big deal as I could have thrown my sister's boot onto land from where we were.  (And yes if I had to try it I would throw her boot not mine.  Just like I promised to share half of my AMAZING dessert with her one night and then ate it all...I try not to let my head get too big, but let's face it I am one rockin' sister...)

In the first two hours we caught nothing, and so we slept or at least posed for pictures.  I think this is about the time the Captain decided maybe we should head out a mile or two into deeper water to find us some lake trout.

And then it happened She caught a fish the first.  And our eyes bulged as neither of us had ever hooked anything that big.

She may have caught the first one and the last one and the most, but I got the catch of the day! Oh yes I beat my Dad in the big fish contest once again coming in at 15 lbs and 33 inches long.  Actually I beat 'em all. Just sayin'  Isn't it a beaut?

The wind blew in from both the south east and the west causing 6 1/2 foot waves.  Standing was a breeze walking on the other hand was a challenge.  Here I had two options one flip over board or dive into the cabin area landing myself at Dad's feet...

Shortly there after the Captain started to get nervous and brought us back into the bay, where we small brown trout.

Because the wind was so strong we weren't able to go the next day.  Those 6 1/2 foot waves were only being pushed by 15 mile and hour winds.  The next day the winds were in the 40's, so instead we went back out that same afternoon, where we trolled for 6 hours catching us two more fish.
Just as we were packing up to head in the sky cleared and the waves calmed...

Even though we didn't get to do as much fishing as we hoped we had good food, good company with many, MANY laughs, good sleep, and have I mentioned good food?
So Dad whens the next trip?  Salmon, tuna, shark?

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