Friday, May 24, 2013

When it rains for a kagillion days...

Over the past week I have sent the boys out to play in the rain, we've held and "loved" and released two Salamanders, we've checked on our tadpoles to see if any have begun growing legs countless times, with every break in the rain we have been outside and we have watched more TV in the last week then we had in the month previous and still we are beginning to wear on each others nerves...

I could either allow us all to go insane or do something drastic.

I decided drastic was better, well really it's one of those special rainy day only things.  Just like playing play dough only really comes out when all else is exhausted.  So the boys and I tore my bed apart moved all the couches and made one massive tent in the living room.

If you are a parent of boys I strongly recommend Sheila Walsh's children's books. She turns scripture into little boy adventures which makes all little boys LOVE!
Here is where we have spent most of the day reading books, playing games, and eating trail mix and apples for lunch as they were in the middle of an adventure far, far from home and couldn't make it back to the kitchen in time.

This is a tic-tac-toe that is seriously fun, even for adults.  There are different size pieces the bigger ones can eat the smaller ones stopping your opponent from winning.  A great game for introducing strategy to the littles.

I love being the Momma of boys.

~ Little boy super hero's.
~ Sheila Walsh's books inspired by her own son and her want to make scripture exciting allowing boys to easily relate.
~ Home made tents.
~ Little boy whispering as they "nap" in the tent.
~ Wild imaginations and rainy day adventures.
~ Rain wetting the ground in preparation for my garden.
~ Small critters.
~ Warm days allowing boys to play in the rain.

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