Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Momma gets a bow! EFA 3.8

Oh yes!  And is it ever bringing back memories...

Way, way back in the day I packed my bags with three friends and headed off to a week of camp.  I was excited to learn a bit of archery, and it just so happened that this guy from Bangor just a few years older then me was to be my teacher....Now I know what you are thinking this girls heart was smitten at least for the week, alas that's not even close.  In fact it was quite the opposite he ate a hot dog off the ground covered in ants.  Who knows how long that dog had been laying there it wasn't even during a meal time, and I was disgusted.  He was however a good teacher as I placed first in archery at the end of the week.

Not even close to center, but for the first shot in YEARS I'm just glad I hit the target.
I really did enjoy that week of shooting and always thought it would be fun to do again someday, but did my best to forget the guy who ate the ant covered hot dog.  Seriously working to learn a tried and true skill, a way of life for generations is exhilarating.  I loved it and have always some where in the back of my mind wanted to really learn.

Five of my first six hit the target still not even close to the triangle.
About two months after I was married, somehow conversation brought us to childhood memories of camping and it turns out that Strong man and I had connections to the same camp.  He worked there for a year or two and I attended every year up until high school.  Immediately we both went to archery as he loves it and camp was the only place I had ever done it.  We wondered if we had crossed paths there.

One of my arrows hit the fire pit and needs a little TLC.
As we're talking the hot dog memory came flooding back.  I began to make connections--could the man I promised to love forever sealing it with a kiss be the same boy, with the same lips, who had eaten an old nasty bug covered hot dog...

Some how I've managed to survive and move past the memory of ants crawling in his mouth....

Lover teach me, but maybe now as a man you could stay away from ant covered hot dogs?  I've accepted grasshoppers, and maybe even the ants, but the left-for-who-knows-how-long-eaten-by-who-knows-who-hot-dog, now that's just a bit over the edge don't 'cha think?

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