Saturday, June 15, 2013

A year of savouring

Three nights ago Laughter woke up screaming in the night.  I spent an hour cuddling him in the same small blanket he used as a baby that now barely covers him never mind wrapping him up tight in it.  With his head on my shoulder I listened to the purring of his sleep breathing, something he has done since the night he was born.  As I soaked the moment in I realized it had been eight months since I last had a similar moment.  Then he was sick and I was scared and debated on taking him to the ER more then once.  Eight months ago as I laid with him sleeping I watched him breathe in and then out and watched his ribs and lungs fight for air as he battled whooping cough and pneumonia.  A scary time.  But three nights ago was different I savoured.  These night are becoming few and far between.

In December Laughter turned three and in May Man of the woods turned five.  Both ages are landmark ages for me.  This year I am determined to savour each of them.  In the fall Man of the woods will begin school and Laughter only has a bit longer before he will be fully boy leaving behind the midnight cuddles.

So excited about Mr. Butterfly he didn't even realize he had some how tangled himself in the blinds...

Here's to savouring midnight cuddles and other fleeting moments.

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